NOVAE MARATHON: a smart and original puzzle game for iPhone and iPad

Novae Marathon is one of the most interesting puzzle games that I've come across and I think I'll be keeping it both on my iPhone and iPad.
This game makes for a nice change which requires the user to deliberately slow down and plan ahead, which can be a nice respite from the busy, slapstick world we live in.
I'd recommend checking it out.

appPicker, November 2014

Novae Marathon is a variation of Novae. Same mechanics but different gameplay.

One goal: to go as long as you can. Highest score and greatest number of played tiles.

NOVAE MARATHON give you all the time you need to strategically place tiles and always go further.

Game mechanic

Novae Marathon have the same mechanic as Novae :

  • Player chooses where to place incoming colored tiles with the objective of constituting groups of the same color.
  • A color group is absorbed when matching criteria are achieved. Remaining tiles then rearrange themselves to form a new configuration.

Decomposition of a movement:

  1. player drop the current tile
  2. dropped tile is then attracted by the Core
  3. absorption step :
    • groups of tiles meeting certain criteria are absorbed by the Core
    • remaining tiles get rearranged
  4. player drop another tile or Game Over

Drop a tile

Les pions sont déposés sur l'un des 4 axes et attirés par le Noyau. Novae, un jeu pour iPhone et iPad

Drop colored tiles on one of the four gray axes.

Tiles then fall, attracted inward, toward the Core.

Tiles come in 5 different colors.


Les pions sont continuellement attirés par le Noyau dans un mouvement de rotation : l'accrétion. Novae, un jeu pour iPhone et iPad.

Tiles are attracted inward, toward the Core in a clockwise spiral until their progression is blocked.

Law 1

Tiles are always attracted inward, toward the Core.

Law 2

Tiles change position only to get closer to the Core.


Un groupe de pions qui valide les 2 règles d'absorption est absorbé par le Noyau. Novae, un jeu pour iPhone et iPad.

A group of same-coloured tiles is absorbed by the Core when it meets 2 criteria:

  • group contains 4 or more same-coloured tiles
  • at least one tile in the group is on an axis and in contact with the Core


Réarrangement des pions après l'absorption d'un groupe de pions par le Noyau. Novae, un jeu pour iPhone et iPad.

When a group is absorbed by the Core, remaining tiles get rearranged by the two laws of attraction, forming a new configuration.

When the reconfiguration spontaneously generates a new absorbable group, it in turn is absorbed by the Core, leading to a new reconfiguration.

Game Over

Le Noyau est bloqué : aucun groupe ne peut plus être absorbé et la partie est terminée. Novae, un jeu pour iPhone et iPad.

Game is over when :

  • no absorbable group can be constituted because the Core is blocked.
  • or new tile cannot be dropped on any of the four axes.

Novae Marathon: smart match game